Cool Running:
Ours is the coolest running available. Operating temps are typically under 100 degrees Fahrenheit! Heat is responsible for many of the problems present in other Hydrogen fuel systems, so we removed it from the equation!

Constant Amperage:
Since our system does not overheat, the amperage draw does not rise as in many systems. You set the desired output of HHO and the amp draw by adding electrolyte to the system, and that's where it stays! Output and power requirement stay where you put them regardless of how far you drive! (Most other systems overheat within one hour!)

Compact Size:
Fuel cell measures 4"H x 4"W x 2"D
Cooler measures 12"L x 5"W x 3/4"D
Twin bubblers measure (together) 9"H x 4"W
A variety of tanks are available to fit your space requirements!

Adjustable Output:
Depending on the size of your engine, you adjust the output to fit your requirement by the number of Fuel Cells used and the amount of electrolyte you add to the system. You can set the HHO output from 0.5 Liter per minute (LPM) at around 8 - 10 amps, all the way up to 3+ LPM at around 40 amps! 

Low Maintenance:
Since our system does not run hot, it uses water very slowly. This means less refilling! Many Hydrogen systems require almost daily maintenance, this is not the case with ours - the only water it uses is that which is converted to HHO (not water vapor going into your engine!)

super safe:
Our fuel system is ultra safe for both users and vehicles. They use a dual-tank neutralizing bubbler, which completely removes any potential caustic electrolyte vapor as well as cooling the gas and preventing anything but Hydrogen and Oxygen from entering the engine! This component also acts as a flashback arrestor to prevent any potential ignition from the engine from reaching the reservoir tank or the cell itself.
Our company takes great pride in offering the best Hydrogen systems available today! 
View the topics below to see what our specific advantages over the competition are!
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