At                                                                                   the safety of our customers and their vehicles is our priority. We take pride in producing HHO Fuel systems that are built to last, and offer real-time results. Over 6 years in the Hydrogen Fuel Development field, and over 100,000 miles of actual real-world product testing has resulted in the most comprehensively engineered HHO Systems available today!! 

About Our Hydrogen Fuel Systems:
Our HHO Systems run at the coolest temperatures possible (less than 100 degrees F. at all times) to provide super long life for the system's components. - ALL Hydrogen systems will overheat after an hour or two of driving (that's right, even dry cell systems) - anyone that claims otherwise is not telling the truth. Overheating will cause the water and electrolyte to vaporize and enter the engine, which can be very damaging... well... NOT OURS!!!
Our systems stay ultra-cool all the time!  

Average temp. of "wet cell" HHO systems at 1 hour run time = 212 degrees F

Average temp. of "dry cell" HHO systems at 1 hour run time = 180 degrees F

Average temp. of our HHO system at any duration run time = 98 degrees F!!!

Our fuel cell consists of 9 Laser-Cut stainless steel 316L plates, sealed in a virtually indestructible HDPE housing. Our cells are electronically torqued to within 0.001" tolerances!! This means ABSOLUTELY NO LEAKS - EVER! Our proprietary O-ring seals never need replacement - we've got units operating in the field with over 60,000 miles of actual drive time, still producing specified HHO volume, and have never leaked a single drop of water! Our new cell design offers increased resistance to ALL temps, & is more durable to stand up to the rigorous environment of the engine compartment. 
 - Our company also stands behind the quality of our products - 
We offer a lifetime rebuild policy on our fuel cells!! - see return policy for details. Winter use is no problem with this design, housing will not crack, even in sub-zero conditions! All nuts, bolts, and washers are 316L STAINLESS. Connections are easily accessable, and you only need to connect a power wire - no ground wire is needed - since cell mounts to the firewall (with included bracket) and is grounded to the frame of the vehicle making installation much easier! OUTPUT = 1 liter HHO per minute @ 16 - 20amps / up to 2.2 liters per minute @ max amperage setting. (NOTE: Systems not recommended for operation above 40 amps). You can adjust the output higher by adding more electrolyte to the mixture or lower by dilluting with distilled water. Our fuel cell measures 4" x 4" x 2" & can be mounted nearly anywhere in the engine compartment due to its compact size!

The bubblers are used to cleanse the HHO before it enters the engine - and to neutralize any potential electrolyte vapor. Our proprietary Twin-Tank setup acts as a vapor condenser and at the same time protects against neutralizer back-flow and system contamination. No need for check valves here! They ensure that the ONLY  thing entering your engine is Hydrogen and Oxygen gas! Many (most) of the HHO Systems on the market ignore this detail and allow caustic electrolyte vapor to flow unchecked into the intake and significantly reduce the user's engine lifespan. Our Twin-Tank design also acts as a flashback arrestor to prevent potential spark from the engine from reaching the reservoir tank or the cell. Bubblers (together) measure 4" x 10".

Our system stays ultra cool - even during extended driving due to our copper/aluminum cooler. No pump is required, system is self-circulating and feeds electrolyte mixture through cooler to maintain low temperatures. All tubing is copper, with high temp nylon fittings. NO ALUMINUM IS USED ON THE INSIDE OF THE COOLER, only on the external cooling fins. (This is important because electrolytes such as Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide CANNOT come in contact with aluminum, they will react with this metal - copper is completely safe). The cooler measures: 12" x 5" x 3/4" and is mounted in front of your radiator to keep the system's contents under 100 degrees F.

Our reservoir tested for total airtight seal - many (most) of the tanks available on the market are not airtight, and are prone to pressure leakage - which allows the Hydrogen to escape into the engine compartment. This not only won't increase your mileage, but can be dangerous! Each of our tanks is pressure tested prior to sale! Tank holds 48 oz. of electrolyte mixture. Tank measures 6.5" x 5" x 4" and can be mounted virtually anywhere under the hood.
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