Perfect for beginner level HHO users with vehicle engine sizes in the range of 4.5L to 7L. This system allows the beginning HHO consumer to experience the benefits of a Dry Cell HHO System without difficult installation procedures. You can easily upgrade your system to our Advanced Setup at any time by purchasing our Twin-Bubbler and Cooler as your become familiar with HHO usage. This kit contains EVERYTHING needed to install your HHO system and get started (except water and electrolyte chemical). Excellent for the 1st time HHO Fuel enthusiast. CD-ROM Manual contains full color illustrations, wiring diagrams, and detailed installation instructions. 
(If you already have a strong mechanical background, please view our Advanced HHO Systems).

Recommended Engine Size = 4.5L - 7L

Output = Adjustable from 0.75 - 2.99LPM HHO

Price = $149.99       IN STOCK!
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